After more than a decade of designing, delivering, researching, and refining our highly successful suite of women’s integral leadership development programs, we began to notice a significant shift in our graduates.

They had access to the full spectrum of their beings – all of their Feminine and Masculine essences. They glowed with a radiant presence, their actions were aligned with their intentions, and they had a remarkable sense of self-confidence and true authority. They had unlocked a joyful creativity and an authentic way of being that was powerfully transformative.

We could find no existing word that could adequately capture the integral complexity, artistry, and extra-ordinary leadership of these women. So we invented one.

Mysterial™ – a radically new way of being that gives rise to more conscious, connected and creative new ways of doing. This unique and evocative linguistic merging of Mystery + Medial represents a new paradigm for women. It is characterized by a remarkable ease with the unknown, chaotic and ambiguous realities of our globally interconnected world, and a capacity to bridge between radical differences, manage reactivity and find a creative middle way in challenging situations.

Mysterial Leadership™ is exactly what the world needs now. Read more…

Offering university-certificate women’s leadership programs for over a decade, Kore has innovatively paired an academically sound, rigorous, research-based curriculum with the ageless wisdom traditions, arts, and deep practice of an urban mystery school – taking students to places they’ve never been before.

“My experience in the Level 1 program was life-changing. The faculty—and each element of the program—held me in such a way that I was able to uncover, understand, and break free from that which was keeping me from my full potential. I gained the confidence to author my own life and the tools to make it possible. It was truly an amazing journey.”
Diana Sandoval MS, Family Coach and Consultant
Our book is scheduled to come out in April, 2016
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